Universal Home loans is a non bank lender and as such can offer competitive interest rates and a level of personal service that no other lender can match.

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The UHL Advantage


Why Should You Choose Universal Home Loans?

Universal Home Loans is one of Australia's largest non-bank lenders with a range of innovative loan products to help you own your home sooner.

Re-Finance To Us and Save

If you currently have a standard principle interest loan with your bank the chances are you are paying too much. The average home owner will pay up to 2.8 times the original amount they borrowed, i.e. borrow $100,000 and the interest alone you will repay amounts to $151,717.22 over 30 years. That's before you even begin to pay back the original $100,000!

Is it any wonder the banks are making such large profits?

And we haven't even begun to talk about bank fees that have risen by 30% in the last two years.

The way to reduce the interest that you pay on your home loan is to find a loan with the right structure. Loan structure is what will save you thousands of dollars in interest, not honeymoon rates, nil application fees, or other gimmicks.

Interest Crusher Home Loan

If you are serious about owning your home sooner there is only one choice in home loans for you: the Universal Home Loans Interest Crusher. This loan is the most innovative loan product available to consumers today. In fact, the way our Loan Crusher reduces interest is a secret the banks have been trying to keep for two hundred years.

Plus, there are no monthly or annual account keeping fees or charges on any Universal Home Loan Product.

If you already own a home and would like to know if you qualify or an Interest Crusher Home Loan, click here to pre-qualify!

If you are First Home Buyer, click here.



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