Universal Home loans is a non bank lender and as such can offer competitive interest rates and a level of personal service that no other lender can match.

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First Home Buyers


Buying Your First Home

It can be a daunting task. At Universal Home Loans we have developed a range of products and services that will make purchasing your first home easier.

If this is your first home you will be pleased to know that Universal Home Loans is an agent for Office of State Revenue and can assist you in receiving your First Home Buyer's Grant of up to $7000 and all the relevant Stamp Duty exceptions.

Provided you are a Universal Home Loans Customer this service is absolutely free for you.

After you have read the important information below, visit the First Home Buyer's Assistance area.

Pre-Approval Card

Imagine having the confidence and power to negotiate a better price for your first home. The Universal Home Loans Pre-Approval Card means that your loan is approved before you start looking for your new home. Real estate agents will definitely take you seriously, knowing you have the money available.

Click here to apply for a Pre-Approval Card.

What is a Deposit Bond?

Depost Bonds are a safe way of placing a deposit on a home without actually parting with your cash. Universal Home Loans will arrange to pay your deposit for you reducing the risk of you being out of pocket should something go wrong with your purchase*.


Universal Home Loans recommends that you choose Harvey Law Firm of Glendale to act for you in your purchase. Most solicitors will take around six weeks to process your purchase documents and searches. However, Harvey Law Firm will complete this work for you weeks earlier thus meaning you will move into your new home weeks or, in certain cases, months earlier.

All at one set fee.

This will protect you from exorbitant solicitors fees in the purchase of your new home**.

*A small fee will apply.

** You are free to choose you own solicitors.



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