Universal Home loans is a non bank lender and as such can offer competitive interest rates and a level of personal service that no other lender can match.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Are there any on going monthly account keeping fees or charges?

A. NO! Universal Home loans has no monthly ongoing account keeping charges at all?

Q. We haven't heard of Universal Home Loans before. Is it safe?

A. All UHL funders have a World Wide AAA credit rating. Note no Australian Bank currently has a AAA credit rating.

Q. How long will it take to get my new Universal Home Loan?

A. Universal Home Loans will approve your application within 24 hours* and if approved will settle no longer than 30 days after approval.

Q. Are there any early payout penalties?

A. Yes there will be a small cost of three months interest payable if you pay out your loans within the first three years.

Q. I don't have a perfect credit history, can I still apply for a Universal Home loan?

A. YES! If you have a Credit default Universal will still consider your application.

Q. I am self employed, will I need to provide 2 years worth of business financials?

A. NO! We have a Lo Doc program, which means no financials are needed.




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